Recommend and Rant

Professor Layton and the Curious Village was given to me as a Birthday
present. I’ve been making quick work of it, as it’s very addicting.
I highly recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles, mystery or fun.

You control the professor and his assistant, Luke, as they visit the
town of St. Mystere at the request of one Lady Dahlia. They find a
strange village full of mysteries which you investigate. The gameplay
consists of some point and click adventure, and solving puzzles. I
seem to be nearing the end at about the 10 hour mark, though your time
will vary with your success at the puzzles.

Normally, in the course of playing a puzzle game, I find a lot of
questions that I have a gripe with. The instructions are poor,
unclear, etc. I have only hit one puzzle that has me wanting to track
down a developer and smack him in the mouth.

This is not a spoiler, I merely give you what the instructions should
read. For the puzzle “Seven Squares”, it should read draw a line
between each and every pin…

I came up with numerous solutions that placed 7 or more squares on the
board while not using a pin twice, but only one answer is accepted.
If you use the above instructions, then the one answer will truly be
the “one and only answer”.

Regardless of that one snag, get this game if you have a DS.