Did Azinger Sound Bitter about Norman?

Azinger didn’t have any thing positive to say about Norman yesterday.  Sure, they used to compete a lot, and Azinger’s been out of the game for a while, but you would think that would make him nostalgic for Norman and his surge.

Can you question some of the plays?  Sure.  But he was number 1 in the world for a long time, and never played it safe.  Why would he start now at 53?  Besides, he hasn’t been practicing.  If he feels safe with the driver, then use it.  I’m not sure irons are so safer when the wind is 35mph.

I enjoyed seeing him out there.  I enjoyed him being longer off the tee then Padraig despite the age difference.  That’s a remarkable feat of athleticism.  You’d be hard pressed to find a pro that hit the ball that long at 53.

And I’m looking forward to seeing him at Augusta next year.