Category: ASP.Net

  • Simple URI Tip for HTML

    You may already know this, in which case you ran across it randomly, or are the kind of developer that reads specs. But if you haven’t run across this, prepare for a face-palm moment wondering why you didn’t know this years ago. Using a uri like the following tells the browser to get the content […]

  • Strange NuGet Error

    One of the projects that I work on uses NuGet for library management. We have a rake task that runs build, clean, etc. One of the rake tasks runs NuGet.exe which is stored in a tools directory. That way, everyone uses the same version of NuGet even if they have different versions installed in their […]

  • Safely Using an Insecure SA Development Account

    As a consultant, I’m sometimes a part of projects that do things I wouldn’t choose to do. Welcome to the real world, right? For example, on one project I worked on in the past, the connection string for an project used the “sa” account for sql server. Further, it was in the web.config file […]

  • Rake Tasks For NuGet

    If you use NuGet, and only check-in your packages.config files to source control, then your source control repository will stay smaller, and checkout faster. Checking in binaries is usually a nice thing to avoid. However, you need new developers to be able to get those libraries locally easily, and to allow your build server (continuous […]

  • NHibernate Named SQL Queries with Parameters

    Using SQL Queries in the .NET ORM NHibernate with parameters.