Category: Employment

  • Interview and Upcoming Projects

    Here is a recent interview I did for CLK Tech. CLK Tech is a newsletter based out of Northeast Ohio, run by a couple of tech recruiters in the area. Topics span general career questions and data science in particular. In addition, I’m busy with a project that I look forward to announcing soon. It’s […]

  • My Next Home: Why DialogTech?

    In my last post, I wrote about why I was making a change. I started in January at Ifbyphone’s Cleveland office. This week, we rebranded to DialogTech. In my opinion, a much better name. We have software-as-a-service products (SAAS, Cloud-based, however you want to say that) around managing analytics, specifically geared towards marketing efforts. Anyone […]

  • On Leaving A Job After 8 Years

    In tech years, eight years is enough for a gold watch. I went to work for a newly formed company called Method Driven Software in early 2007 as it’s first employee (there were two partner/employees that remain with the firm today in various forms). Through the years, we acquired several firms and rebranded twice, eventually […]

  • Ownership: Artist or Engineer?

    There are varying ways that a client / service relationship can work, and this view can be the cause of harmony or discord in projects. It’s something I’ve understood for a while, but had trouble explaining at times. What follows is an attempt to explain my view of something that knowledge workers need to understand […]

  • Teachable Moments

    This is a quick thought. But a pattern has been on my mind lately. A lot of leaders want their employees to listen to them and learn from them. However, when that same leader is questioned by their employees, they often don’t want to have to justify decisions. Do this “because I told you to.” […]