Category: Ruby

  • Removing Exif Data To Resolve IOS Issues

    Related to my last post, I had a bug to fix. The images looked rotate 90 degrees locally, so I used Imagemagick’s convert command to rotate them 90 degrees. They looked right locally, and on the sight when viewed in chrome. However, iOS was showing the images over-rotated by 90 degrees. It turns out after […]

  • Resizing Images in Bulk

    I help maintain a site for a craft business. One of the challenges is multiple sizes of images for new stock each year. I used to go through and resize each image manually with a program like Gimp. I finally got smart and installed ImageMagick. With a Rakefile, I can pass each image into the […]

  • A Comforting Warning About Agile

    “Beware of becoming an Agile zealout, because this can backfire and put people off. Don’t treat people who are not applying Agile as fools who just need to see the light! This is disrespectful, and people simply won’t listen to your rants.” -Rachel Davies in Agile Coaching1. Why is this comforting? Good communities self-monitor. Many […]

  • Rake Tasks For NuGet

    If you use NuGet, and only check-in your packages.config files to source control, then your source control repository will stay smaller, and checkout faster. Checking in binaries is usually a nice thing to avoid. However, you need new developers to be able to get those libraries locally easily, and to allow your build server (continuous […]

  • Chad Fowler’s Keynote

    Chad Fowler’s keynote at Codemash was excellent, and well timed to get me through the week. While I have really enjoyed my time there, and learned a lot the last 2 year’s attending, I run into a lot of attitudes that are hard for me to handle. Simply put, I work in multiple dev communities […]