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  • Removing Exif Data To Resolve IOS Issues

    Related to my last post, I had a bug to fix. The images looked rotate 90 degrees locally, so I used Imagemagick’s convert command to rotate them 90 degrees. They looked right locally, and on the sight when viewed in chrome. However, iOS was showing the images over-rotated by 90 degrees. It turns out after […]

  • Resizing Images in Bulk

    I help maintain a site for a craft business. One of the challenges is multiple sizes of images for new stock each year. I used to go through and resize each image manually with a program like Gimp. I finally got smart and installed ImageMagick. With a Rakefile, I can pass each image into the […]

  • Data-Driven vs the Dashboard 

    It is common for technical product companies to call themselves “data-driven” these days. The idea is that metrics are used to drive decisions. Sounds easy enough, and compatible with a technology landscape that is enamored with data science, etc.  But something didn’t always feel right to me. Strange, right? If you follow this blog or […]

  • Why Aren’t You Using PhoneGap?

    PhoneGap (now becoming known as the Apache Cordova project) is commonly thought of as a cross-platform mobile development solution. While true, I think it’s best to think of PhoneGap as modernzr for the mobile web. The W3 is working on standards for web sites to be able to access specific hardware features. These common hardware […]

  • Working With Social Network APIs

    Creating Vicinity Buzz naturally involved working with a the APIs of social networks. That information seemed worth sharing for those of you interested in writing any type of application that would integrate with a social network. Developer Documentation Any of the social networking sites you probably want to integrate with have developer api’s that are […]