Tag: Agile

  • A Book List About Lean-Style Methodologies

    A list of recommended books on Lean software development processes provided to me by a friend who is an Agile Coach at Rally.

  • Find The Agile Signers On The Web

    See what the original signers of the Agile Manifesto are up to today on twitter, blogs and github. The quickest list to see what they are up around social media and the web.

  • A Comforting Warning About Agile

    “Beware of becoming an Agile zealout, because this can backfire and put people off. Don’t treat people who are not applying Agile as fools who just need to see the light! This is disrespectful, and people simply won’t listen to your rants.” -Rachel Davies in Agile Coaching1. Why is this comforting? Good communities self-monitor. Many […]

  • On a Feeling of Ownership, and How it Changes With Size

    Through the years, a fair amount of my projects have been with small companies and startups. One thing I notice almost universally, is that members of smaller teams tend to have hunger for success, and a real feeling of ownership over their product. They take personal pride and consider themselves invested in the project. That […]

  • Agile Muffins: A Simple Justification of Iterative Methodologies

    I find myself more and more involved in the sales process with my company. And while our primary focus is on expertise around technology and information, the team I sell for most does work using Agile methodologies. It’s not the primary aspect of our sale though, as people want to hear about our proposed solution, […]