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  • Source Control Considerations for ConnectionStrings in .Net

    For .Net projects that have multiple developers, configuration differences can be a real problem. For this post, we’ll use the example of connection strings, but it could just as easily be a directory location, or some other difference. Let’s say that we have two developers, one is using SQL Server, while the other is using […]

  • Interesting Assignment Related to Rich Internet Controls

    One or my recent projects was to work with a client to create a Silverlight control for reporting purposes that has some general flashiness, and is reusable across several sections of the site. It has brushed into some interesting areas. I have used Silverlight for some media and imaging applications before, but this was the […]

  • Handling Persistance in Asp.Net with Dynamic Controls

    I worked on a project a couple of years ago using dynamic controls in an Asp.Net WebForms environment. Managing dynamic controls can be a real hassle. So when I read Dave Reed’s great article about Viewstate, I wondered if I could do it better now. I worked up a simple example using no Viewstate where […]

  • ASP.Net Comments

    Here’s a strange one I’ve never run into. I was recently helping a developer figure out why some controls were not binding and showing on the page. I noticed they were using html style comments in their page around some controls instead of .net style comments. This was the problem. Server side code still runs, […]

  • SilverLight and Z-Index

    When implementing a new SilverLight custom control, it was blocking menu popups (html / javascript) on the page. I set the z-index of the div and object tags that contained SilverLight to no avail. After a lot of googling, I found the following solution. Set the Windowless property to true. In the case of manually […]