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  • VicinityBuzz Update: Windows Phone 8 & More

    While attending Codemash a few weeks ago, I ended up in a Windows Phone development precompiler (Codemash’s name for a training session). It was my plan to hit mostly mobile and analytics sessions, but I was not originally planning on attending this session. With Windows Phone still struggling for market share, I wasn’t in a […]

  • Networking Yourself As A Developer

    In a tough economy, jobs can be hard to find. Especially the right jobs, ones that make you happy and help you grow in your career. Even if you are satisfied with your job, having a network of programmers, managers, and other IT professionals is a great thing. You have people to bounce ideas off […]

  • Chad Fowler’s Keynote

    Chad Fowler’s keynote at Codemash was excellent, and well timed to get me through the week. While I have really enjoyed my time there, and learned a lot the last 2 year’s attending, I run into a lot of attitudes that are hard for me to handle. Simply put, I work in multiple dev communities […]

  • Pre-Codemash 2011 Thoughts

    I’m looking forward to Codemash this year. Thanks again to my work for sending me. Founders like Jeff Blankenburg do a great job putting this conference together. Last year, I concentrated on TDD/BDD, Silverlight, ORM, Ruby sessions with a few others thrown in for fun. This year, I’m still going through the schedule. I’d like […]