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  • Getting Started With iOS Development

    I’ve been playing with development in several of the mobile platforms over the last year, and for iOS in particular. Many developers are intimidated because of the differences between objective-c and other languages and the differences between cocoa touch and other frameworks. How to get started is one of the most common questions around. First […]

  • Flex is a Relic and Silverlight is a Zombie

    …or some other catchy metaphor that will grab your attention. These technologies were hot over the last 5 years. Flex gained a particular amount of popularity in the Java community where UI technologies have a bit of a spotty record (that’s like saying my Bengals have a bit of a spotty record over a lifetime). […]

  • Windows Search Service Fix/Hack for Windows 7

    I’m not sure why, but Windows Search Service is broken on my installation of Windows. I’ve posted on Microsoft forums, and found other people with the same issue, but no fixes that have worked for me. The service will work, but every time I reboot, the service is disabled and stopped. I have to change […]

  • A 4 Year Old Netbook… The Best Portable Gaming System?

    I have an Acer netbook from a couple of years back. I use to get a fair amount of use, for times when I wanted to read pdfs, browse the web, etc. It was great to have at the hospital to upload pictures and post updates to facebook when my daughters were born. All that […]

  • A Comforting Warning About Agile

    “Beware of becoming an Agile zealout, because this can backfire and put people off. Don’t treat people who are not applying Agile as fools who just need to see the light! This is disrespectful, and people simply won’t listen to your rants.” -Rachel Davies in Agile Coaching1. Why is this comforting? Good communities self-monitor. Many […]