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  • Deming on the Financial Crisis From Beyond the Grave

    Tell me these aren’t relevant. Tell me it isn’t like a summation of Wall Streets mistakes leading up to 2008. Deming died in 1993. Deming’s 7 Deadly Diseases of Management* Lack of constancy of purpose Emphasis on short term profits Evaluation of performance, merit rating or annual review Mobility of top management Running a company […]

  • On Outsourcing, Protectionism and Education

    Things are often more complicated than they seem. Certainly in the worlds of economics and nationalism. It’s no wonder that as the largest economy in the world, America wants to protect that place and Americans are sensitive to any efforts to move jobs elsewhere. Certainly that is true today, with unemployment currently at 9.1%. In […]

  • On Commuting and The Economy

    Yesterday, I left downtown Cleveland at 3:45 headed to a 4 o’clock meeting. I was probably going to be 5-10 minutes late. Instead I ended up calling to reschedule, and still didn’t make it home till 6:15. Two and half hours, for a drive that usually takes me 45-55 minutes. Google maps says 38 minutes, […]