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  • Ownership: Artist or Engineer?

    There are varying ways that a client / service relationship can work, and this view can be the cause of harmony or discord in projects. It’s something I’ve understood for a while, but had trouble explaining at times. What follows is an attempt to explain my view of something that knowledge workers need to understand […]

  • A Book List About Lean-Style Methodologies

    A list of recommended books on Lean software development processes provided to me by a friend who is an Agile Coach at Rally.

  • Find The Agile Signers On The Web

    See what the original signers of the Agile Manifesto are up to today on twitter, blogs and github. The quickest list to see what they are up around social media and the web.

  • Why Aren’t You Using PhoneGap?

    PhoneGap (now becoming known as the Apache Cordova project) is commonly thought of as a cross-platform mobile development solution. While true, I think it’s best to think of PhoneGap as modernzr for the mobile web. The W3 is working on standards for web sites to be able to access specific hardware features. These common hardware […]

  • Working With Social Network APIs

    Creating Vicinity Buzz naturally involved working with a the APIs of social networks. That information seemed worth sharing for those of you interested in writing any type of application that would integrate with a social network. Developer Documentation Any of the social networking sites you probably want to integrate with have developer api’s that are […]