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  • Boiling the Ocean (or Attempting to Keep Up With Tech)

    I was asked by a fellow developer how I keep up to date on the variety of technologies that I’m expected to understand when doing my job. I intended to write a short answer, and generate a blog post as a longer answer. I got this idea from Scott Hanselman, who in his talks about […]

  • Dealing With An ORA-01440 When Altering a Table in Oracle

    When altering a table to an Oracle reduce a columns size, you’ll get a ORA-01440 error, indicating that you can’t make the adjustment because of the potential data loss. I had to do this to recently to a bunch of columns, as I had incorrectly specified the size of numbers that would end up as […]

  • Listener in Oracle 11g

    I am working on a project that uses Oracle 11g, and we were standing up a db for proof of concept in one of the dev environments. I configured listener.ora to point to the instance, but still was having connection problems. Apparently in your init file, you need the line: local_listener=’MySidName’ To make sure it […]