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  • VicinityBuzz Update: Windows Phone 8 & More

    While attending Codemash a few weeks ago, I ended up in a Windows Phone development precompiler (Codemash’s name for a training session). It was my plan to hit mostly mobile and analytics sessions, but I was not originally planning on attending this session. With Windows Phone still struggling for market share, I wasn’t in a […]

  • New Questions the Build Conference Causes

    Build answered a lot of questions for developers who wondered about the future of the Microsoft platform. WinRT is the new API for “Metro ” applications, which are streamlined enable both tablet and pc inputs. These applications can be built in .Net or native C++ using XAML, or in JavaScript with Html5. The traditional desktop […]

  • Interesting Assignment Related to Rich Internet Controls

    One or my recent projects was to work with a client to create a Silverlight control for reporting purposes that has some general flashiness, and is reusable across several sections of the site. It has brushed into some interesting areas. I have used Silverlight for some media and imaging applications before, but this was the […]

  • Silverlight Application Code 2103

    When working with Silverlight, if you get an application code error 2103 and go looking for answers, you’ll find posts like this that suggest it’s a namespace problem. If that’s not the problem, you’ll find yourself stuck without many other suggestions. Here’s a simple check for another common problem, permissions to download the Silverlight xap. […]

  • SilverLight and Z-Index

    When implementing a new SilverLight custom control, it was blocking menu popups (html / javascript) on the page. I set the z-index of the div and object tags that contained SilverLight to no avail. After a lot of googling, I found the following solution. Set the Windowless property to true. In the case of manually […]