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  • Boiling the Ocean (or Attempting to Keep Up With Tech)

    I was asked by a fellow developer how I keep up to date on the variety of technologies that I’m expected to understand when doing my job. I intended to write a short answer, and generate a blog post as a longer answer. I got this idea from Scott Hanselman, who in his talks about […]

  • On Terminology: “Single Source of the Truth”

    According to Wikipedia, Single Source of the Truth “refers to the practice of structuring information models and associated schemata, such that every data element is stored exactly once” (emphasis is mine). This would mean, for example, a customer’s first name to be stored in once repository, not in every system that refers to the customer. […]

  • On Terminology

    I should have written this a long time ago. One of the most universal lessons I’ve learned as a consultant is to be careful with terminology and jargon. Context, industry, experience all play a factor in how people will interpret what you say. At one client in particular, it got so bad that I regularly […]