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  • Flex is a Relic and Silverlight is a Zombie

    …or some other catchy metaphor that will grab your attention. These technologies were hot over the last 5 years. Flex gained a particular amount of popularity in the Java community where UI technologies have a bit of a spotty record (that’s like saying my Bengals have a bit of a spotty record over a lifetime). […]

  • Windows Search Service Fix/Hack for Windows 7

    I’m not sure why, but Windows Search Service is broken on my installation of Windows. I’ve posted on Microsoft forums, and found other people with the same issue, but no fixes that have worked for me. The service will work, but every time I reboot, the service is disabled and stopped. I have to change […]

  • Understanding CPUs and the Business of CPUs Better

    I’ve been reading Jon Stokes’ Inside the Machine, and it’s a very good read. In particular I was struck by a couple of simple aspects of how CPUs work. ISA First, let’s discuss ISAs (instruction set architecture). x86 is a famous one created by Intel. POWER is an ISA created by IBM. PowerPC was created […]

  • Emacs on Windows Over SSH with Putty Tools

    With a little help from StackOverflow, I got emacs over ssh working on windows. This is trivial on mac/linux, but can be a challenge on windows. dired mode works too! To summarize: 1. Download putty installer with all the tools. 2. Put putty install in the path 3. Generate a key with PuttyGen 4. Copy […]