My Kindle Experience So Far

I’ve now read 2 books on my Kindle, David Maister’s Managing The Professional Service Firm
and William Gibson’s Neuromancer.

Reading Maister’s book helped highlight some of the features of the kindle. The ability to highlight snippets of text for later, and take simple notes added to the experience. However, it’s worth noting if you’re a heavy note taker in the margin of your books, this feature may leave a bit to be desired. As I’m a moderate note taker at best, it wasn’t an issue.

The screen is really impressive. In particular, I like to read over my lunch time at work, and the screen holds up in sunlight very well with no glare issues.

And the page syncing is nice. If you use your iphone, ipad, pc or mac to read, it can update the location for you to sync to on any other device. If I have a complaint, it’s that it would be nice to reset that value. If I skip to the index at the end of the book and then go back to reading, the furthest page read will remain the index at the end of the book.

One other complaint is the issues of DRM. The book is tied to my account, and unlike a paperback, I can’t loan that book to a friend without giving them my amazon username and password. And many readers are sociable about passing books around.

The kindle has recently come down in price, and if you have an ipad, or are comfortable reading on your laptop or netbook, then you don’t even need the device. My experience has been great and I’d recommend it to readers.

2 thoughts on “My Kindle Experience So Far

  1. Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

    Glad to hear you’re liking it! My mom got one recently and I’m eager to borrow it an test it out. I hope they improve the sharing capabilities, sounds like that’s one thing the Nook has down pat.

  2. subcorpus

    After doing some research about price, screen size and PDF support, I ended up buying the Amazon Kindle DX. And it is great. It really is a good device. It doesn’t do much, but what is does, it does beautifully. Very nice.

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