Fixing Canon MP Navigator with Windows 7 x64

I installed a scanner / printer directly via usb on a windows machine at my new home. At my previous home, it was hooked to a time capsule and I would plug it into my mac to scan. Canon has some software “MP Navigator” that does the scanning and handily puts the scans into documents. I was able to use it to print via any program, and scan via windows fax & scan, but the MP Navigator for Windows 7 wouldn’t work.

Why does it matter? Windows fax and scan is nice for sending faxes via a modem, but it’s scanning is very limited. MP Navigator, for instance, will allow you to scan multi-page documents in and save them as a single pdf file.

After googling around a bit, it appears many other users were having this problem on Windows 7, and x64 in particular. I went to the good old compatibility tab of the icon, and voila, things work. This works 9 times out of 10 when a program doesn’t play well with Windows 7.

The settings are as follows: