StirTrek 2018 Talk: Machine Learning in R

I had the chance to speak at StirTrek 2018 about Machine Learning in R. I have been to StirTrek before, but it’s been a few years. The conference has really grown, as there are over 2000 attendees now.

I was in the 3:30 timeslot. I talked in a full theater and they broadcast the talk to two other theaters. I don’t know what attendance was like in the overflow rooms. Most of the follow up questions were from developers looking for resources to get started, tutorials, etc. It seemed like a sign that attendees were interested in going further, which was the point of the talk.

Start of the Talk Agenda

The organizers did a great job. I had a helpful proctor who notified about time, and made sure I was setup and informed.

Regression as an intro to modeling

The talk will go up later this month on YouTube, and I’ll add it to the blog. Thanks to all who attended, and a big thanks to all who helped organize, sponsor, and volunteered for the conference.



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